Sunday, September 6, 2015

The six newly ordained pastors in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Congo--thank you for your prayers for these dear men and their families! Many of you have prayed for them for over two years through the OSLC Congo church leader prayer cards. Your prayers were answered today! Please continue to pray for these brothers as they serve the people in their communities and do all they can to share the amazing grace and Truth of Jesus Christ!

Many tears of joy were flowing today in thankfulness to our great God, who continues to build His Church!

Newly ordained Pastor Fred Masala. Fred will serve two congregations, one in Dolisie and one in Pointe Noire. He is also a nurse.

Victorine and Honorine, co-laborers for Christ with their husbands

Victorine Mavoungou (in the purple/blue) and Honorine Mouanga (in the yellow/red) pose for a photo at the Ordination celebration worship service on Sunday, September 6, 2015.  These two amazing women of God serve with their husbands in ministry.  They coordinate women's outreach ministries, Bible studies, caring for the sick and much more.   Victorine is the wife of President Joseph Mavoungou.  Honorine is the wife of Jean-Baptiste Mouanga, lead pastor in the Pointe Noire area of the Republic of the Congo.  You should have seen them dance today in celebration of our awesome God!  Wow!

Singing and dancing before the Lord in celebration of His great faithfulness at today's worship service/ordination ceremony!

Praying over the six new pastors in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Congo: these men are equipped and ready to share the matchless love of Jesus Christ throughout their nation!

Worshiping Jesus in the street under three large tents in Brazzaville!

The St. Augustine Lutheran Church was too small to hold the ordination ceremony/Sunday worship service so the national church office rented tents and we praised Jesus together on the street in front of the church.  In this photo, Pastor and Missionary Fred Reinhardt is encouraging the people from God's Holy Word.  The joy that filled this tent was palpable!